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Essential Oil Of The Week: Roman Chamomile

Essential Oil Of The Week: Roman Chamomile

With all that is going on today and all the stressors in all of our worlds; Chamomile may be your new friend. This plant can be very useful now in helping us with staying calm and easing into sleep. Whether it’s a few drops in your diffuser or a cup of tea before bedtime, Chamomile brings to mind the sweet moments of relaxation before bed. Like many oils, there are a few species of Chamomile available: German and Roman. To learn more about what sets each oil apart, check out this in-depth blog post. Now let’s take a look at everything this sweet, apple-like essential oil has to offer.🌿💕 ✨

1. Exceptionally Calming --> It’s especially good for helping with insomnia. Diffuse it or apply topically before bedtime to help you relax. For an especially relaxing bath blend, add two drops with two drops of German Chamomile with 1 cup of Epsom salt. This oil is also great for colic and teething babies....just work with Roman Chamomile hydrosols( which has a much less potency and is gentler for their bodies.) Just spray some on your finger, rub into the area where a tooth is coming in, and or a pillow. ✨

2. Fantastic for Sore Muscles --> Chamomile probably isn’t the first oil that comes to mind when you’re looking for something to help with muscle pain, but it shouldn’t be overlooked! It's anti-inflammatory/ antispasmodic properties can help soothe sore muscles and ease joint pain associated with injury, muscle tension, and even tendonitis. ✨

3. Soothing to the Skin --> Bug bites, rashes, itchy skin, irritation… Roman& German Chamomile can help! When applied topically, it can help soothe itchiness, irritation or redness ✨

4. Helps with Worry and Tension --> Chamomile is also very useful for helping relieve worry, tension, anger, and other turbulent emotions. Because sometimes we all have those days where everything seems to go wrong and we need just a bit of peace and calm. It also helps ground us and clears the emotional fog and helps us work thru anger fits. Put a few drops on a tissue, deep breath, and enjoy the relaxing feelings.

Reference: The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia